Evaporative Coolers in Gracemere & Surrounding Areas


Service & Replacement

When it comes to repairs, service and replacement of evaporative coolers, the team at Mick’s Air-Conditioning Services can get the job done. Our expert team is committed to providing cost effective services so you can enjoy optimum comfort. We can service or repair any brand of evaporative cooler and we guarantee the quality of our work.
Breezair Outside Evaporative Cooler— Mick’s Air-Conditioning Services in Gracemere, QLD
Breezair Evaporative Cooler — Mick’s Air-Conditioning Services in Gracemere, QLD

Evaporative cooling systems

Are a great choice if you prefer a more natural way to cool your space. If the cooler stops working, it’s time to talk to our qualified team of technicians. We can carry out an assessment to determine the issue, either repairing or replacing the unit.

We can also arrange regular maintenance and check up services to prevent problems from occurring.

Without the right maintenance, evaporative coolers can develop algae and other issues which can become a health problem. From checking the water supply to replacing filter pads, we can ensure every component of the unit is working effectively.

As authorised service agents for Seeley, we are well placed to handle all types of repairs for a range of residential and commercial Seeley brands such as Breezair, Braemar and Coolair. Get in touch with us today for more information.
Evaporative Coolers in Roof — Mick’s Air-Conditioning Services in Gracemere, QLD

Frequently Asked Questions


Do I need to keep my windows open when using an evaporative cooler?


Yes, evaporative cooling systems create cool air by drawing warm air through water soaked filters and blowing that cooler air through your home. Keeping the windows open not only allows for more ventilation but prevents mould from occurring.

How long can I run an evaporative cooler?


They can run for more than 12 hours per day all year round but with constant use, it’s important to schedule regular maintenance and servicing so the evaporative cooler continues to operate efficiently. Each cooler has an owners manual outlining specific instructions for operation and maintenance.

Is evaporative cooler better than a fan?


An evaporative cooler provides better cooling than a fan because it creates cool air rather than simply blowing warm air around. Air coolers evenly distribute the cool air throughout the area. However it should be noted that during times of high humidity when the air is already saturated that the effects of evaporative cooling can be minimised.